Caitie's Story

With years of stage experience that belie her youthful appearance, Ohio native Caitie Thompson is an old soul whose love of music runs deep. A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with her feet firmly planted in contemporary music, writing, and performing, she has also spent several years teaching music, and was the interim Music Director at a Nashville area high school. 

Her love of music started when she was a toddler, dancing along with the music in her grandpa's garage. The 50's rock ‘n’ roll was always blaring when Caitie was with her grandpa. With influences like Elvis, Patsy Cline, and Buddy Holly, the music was engrained in her, and when she was eight, her grandparents gave her first guitar.  

She’s played guitar ever since, and she’s been playing drums/percussion since she was ten. As a teenager, when the music of the Doobie Brothers, Guns Roses, Black Sabbath, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin started to seep into her soul, she started performing in numerous bands and ensembles. Later, when she wasn't directing the high school marching band as the drum major, she was rocking it out in the local bars with her band, The Rip City Rockers, a 50s-70s cover band. 

Her love of classical music and teaching came from performing at Carnegie Hall with her high school orchestra, and from playing numerous concerts with The Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra.  

Just after college Caitie played in a band for a while, then started doing a duet with her sister, Leslie, performing as the “Lucky Penny Sisters.” In 2015 they released their first EP by the same name, with all songs co-written by the sisters.  

In 2017, she released her first Solo EP, "Enough," with more original songs. She played every instrument on the record, and sang all the vocals parts. A standout on the EP is “Choose Love,” inspired by the all-too-often news headlines of gun violence. It’s often been said that there's no better way to work through the pain than to write about it, and this song has moved audiences deeply.  

Not long after arriving in Nashville in 2018, she quickly became a sought-after musician, and has co-written with songwriting veterans Kelli Johnson, Jan Buckingham, Scott Barrier, and Donna DeSoppo, as well as up-and-comers Jenny Teator, Sheridan Gates, and EvyIvy. “I’ve Gone Crazy,” a song Caitie had co-written with Bobbi Holiday and Danielle Todd, was recorded by Danielle and landed on the Billboard top 100 country charts in Canada and Australia.  

In May of 2020, a friend of Caitie's reached out and asked her to score music for a documentary called "Going Om", a short film that is all about "sound".  It is the largest concentrated work that Caitie has ever created, summing up to about 12 songs composed, performed, and produced by Caitie herself. Originally. the producers asked for about three or four songs, and after Caitie submitted the first three, they asked her to score the rest of the film that hadn't already been set to music.

Caitie has opened for Sarah Potenza, EG Kight, Elliott Lewis (Hall & Oates), Arnett Howard & the Creole Funk Band. She has performed at the Venice Blues Festival in Florida, and was the headliner for Delaware Arts Festival, and the Old Time Farming Festival. 

Splitting her time between Nashville and Ohio, when she isn't writing or performing, Caitie teaches music lessons to people of all ages. She has held private lessons in various studios in Ohio, but due to COVID she has moved her entire studio online and merged companies with Nashville singer/songwriter and vocal coach, Erin McLendon to form "Music On The Move Studios." MOTM focuses on new and unconventional ways of learning and improving your music skills. Whether you're a beginner, hobbyist, or seasoned professional, Music on the Move has a program curated specifically for you! Erin and Caitie are dedicated to each of their student's improvement and empowerment through music!